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alionmind News July 11. 2014

In this edition of the alionmind news you will read about some amazing developments at the house of alionmind. This time I can't simply put everything into the categories video and music. And also not much happened on the musical side. So I decided to simply list the news in chronological order. As I said, this time there is not much to report on new music. To be more precise, only a single new piece of music has been presented during the past month. Why? I have noticed for some time that the resonance on my musical activities is stagnating at a low level. At the same time, I noticed that the video segment is becoming increasingly popular. Since I've always acted audience oriented, I react on the described development with intensifying the activities related to videos and my presence on YouTube. Since my day only has 24 hours, my activities in the field of music have to be reduced to do so. However, the past month is an extreme case and I hope to bring my activities in the future into some kind of a balance. Ok, long preface! What has happened? As I said, only one piece of music was presented. On the other hand a whopping 5 videos have been uploaded with a total running time of 1 hour and 49 minutes. I also set up a completely new video channel for music videos for all 3 alionmind records projects and 18 music videos were uploaded or re-uploaded to it. So much for the short format. Now, everything as promised, in chronological order:

10:06. Video: "AlionLive - Spring in Madeira 02 - With Malina in the footsteps of 2013"
Here it is, the second part of the new Madeira video series. We hike from the Parque Ecologico do Funchal across the plateau north of Funchal to Poiso. Sounds familiar? No wonder: I hiked the same route, already in 2013 two times. Read more about this video on the AlionLive Blog.

16.06. Video: "Bike Ride Lüneburg Heath 2013 - Day 3 - Through the heart of the Lüneburg Heath"
The third part of the series brings what the friends of this series have eagerly waited for and what already was foreseeable in the second part: Purest Lüneburg Heath! And this time, two fellow musicians will be presented with their works in the soundtrack. More on this, also on the AlionLive Blog.

22.06. Video: "AlionLive - Spring on Madeira 03 - Hike from Santo da Serra to Faial"
Two videos of the same series in one month ... we had this ever before? I think not :). And yet: The third part of the new Madeira series has been uploaded this month. And what a part it is! A colorful hike from the picturesque mountain village of Santo da Serra, via Portela to Faial. And also in this video two guest musicians contributed to the soundtrack. Read more about this also on the AlionLive Blog.

24.06. Cimelium - Sic Parvis Magna
The only musical newcomer this month is a title for the rather dark Cimelium album "Ad Hominem". More can be read on the Cimelium Blog.

24.06. Partnership with the Freedom! Youtube Network
Some would have never thought it would be possible, but in fact I have finally found a Youtube network that absolutely pleases me and gives me all the freedom and the absence of everything which made it impossible so far to partner with a Youtube network. If you are looking for a network without the usual constraints and lock-in contract, you are absolutely looking for Freedom (pun intended). You have a video channel and are looking for a great network? Click here and BE FREE!

01.07. Video "AlionLive is now a partner of the Freedom! Youtube Network!"
Because I was so incredibly happy to have finally found a Youtube network which did not put me in ball & chain, gives me all artistic freedom and does not rob me of all rights to my works, I created a little AlionLive Special. You find more about the video and some info on the AlionLive Blog.

05.07. Birth of the alionmind records Youtube channel
On the occasion of the partnership with Freedom I decided to bury the old dusty video channels of the alionmind projects merge them into a brand new Youtube channel. And that's not all: By and by all the (estimated) 300 songs of the alionmind  repertoire will be uploaded to it. But this needs some time. For the time being now 18 music videos (mostly older material) are on the channel. Read more on this in a post on the alionsonny blog. Click here to visit the brand new channel. Please do not forget to subscribe to the channel, because you want to certainly not to miss any video. As I already mentioned, pretty much will happen there soon.

10:07. Video: Bike Ride Lüneburg Heath 2013 - Day 4 - From Asendorf to Hamburg
So now this is done too! Also this small series is with this, admittedly, quite oblique, fourth part finally at an end. We ride from the far north of the Lüneburg Heath, across the Elbe bridges,  directly home to Hamburg. Do not miss this! More about the video and a bit of summarizing background information can be found on the AlionLive Blog.

So, and that's it for this month. I apologize for the lack of musical news, but, as I said, the demand determines the supply here. See you next month!

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