Sunday, January 19, 2014

alionmind News January 19. 2014

Again this time, due to the ongoing work on the alionsonny album "Continuity", there's not too much to report. For the projects Willma Poppen and Cimelium unfortunately there is nothing new currently. But there are two new AlionLive videos.

Album "Continuity"
At the time of the last alionmind news, the alionsonny blog reported, that just for 3 of the 13 titles a release version had been completed . Meanwhile another 6 songs were completed. So there are still 4 songs in pre-release state, and these are from the period between August 2013 to now. This means,  that there is probably not much to do. But we know the drill: Sometimes things turn out differently than you think ;). But already during the work on the, now finished, release version of "Flight Of The Butterfly" it showed that everything is almost fine with the recent works. But we 'll see. It is well possible that the album release takes place before the next alionmind news.

AlionLive Return 2 Madeira - Day 11
As with some previous episodes, it was also a good idea for day 11, to split the video material because it simply fits thematically. There is indeed the well-known problem that only a very limited part of the audience appreciates my special shaky cam technique. And since on day 11 I was once again in the mood to film the way back to the hotel after staying in Camara de Lobos, it was logical to upload the part before the walk separately.

Part 1 - Camara de Lobos
In this part, the picturesque fishing village "Camara de Lobos" is featured. There is only one short part of "me talking into the camera", everything is just nice views of a sunny sunday in Camara de Lobos. The soundtrack consists of songs from the "Continuity" album. Here you can hear some preliminary release versions for the first time.

Part 2 - From Camara de Lobos to the Lido
This video is only recommended for diehard fans of the shaky cam technique. Well, I have done my best, with little success to keep the camera still while walking. Nevertheless, there are also nice moments and views of the promenade in this video. Oh, and the claustrophobic folks better skip the part with the long dark tunnel ;). The soundtrack consists almost entirely of release versions for the album "Continuity".

Yes, and that's it already again. Finally, I want to ask the fans of the projects Willma Poppen and Cimelium to be patient. The time without new music for you is soon over and I promise that, right  after the release of the alionsonny album, I will work on new titles for the other projects. There is already some work in progress and I can promise you that you will be surprised positively, when you get to hear on what I was working in the background ;). And we need just 4 more songs for the Willma Poppen album.