Thursday, June 1, 2017

alionmind News May 2017 - The progress, so far

Yes, it is already June, and I wanted to post this alionmind News blog since a few days. The reason why this didn't happen is, that I hoped to get the alionmind website up and running and also a new AlionLive video uploaded. This issue of the alionmind news would have been far more impressive then. So, before we dive into the things that have been accomplished in May 2017, we get into the things that haven't:

I had to learn about a lot of things in May, regarding to webdesign. The internet has changed somewhat since I dived into the depths of webdesign, web programming and all that for the last time. Thus my recent websites always looked not just a bit a bad way ;) And also, websites have to be flawlessly viewable on a lot of different devices today. Mobile is a must. Another thing is, that people are used to fancy multimedia elements on websites these days. And these are just the few things I can tell you about, without drifting into the tech details. So I had to learn about new web standards, features of new versions of software frameworks and last but not least, new tools. Aside from the ongoing learning process, I had to come up with a new concept for the website(s) and also re-write all of the text content, as the old content doesn't meet my current standard. A last, but not very unimportant fact is, that I do not just build one website currently, but actually five. The work, I am currently doing, is not just used to create the main alionmind records website. It will be re-used for the sites of alionsonny, Cimelium and Willma Poppen also. So, once the alionmind site is finished, which will happen in a few days, all the other websites will also be finished in about 2 or 3 days. Enough about that ;)

Another AlionLive video?
Yepp, and while having the illusion of getting the website(s) done, I also thought that I might be able to finish the last real part of the 'Spring in Madeira' series. Simply no time for it. The raw cut is done, but I have to write tons of subtitles, do hundreds of transitions. Nope, didn't happen. I'll work on that video, once the main workload of the website(s) is finished. May take a bit of time. After that last part, I'll record a short, but necessary aftermath and then the eternal series will finally end.

The 'Madeira' album by Cimelium is OUT!
If you follow me on Facebook or read the Cimelium blog, you'll already know it: The third album by Cimelium in total and the second alionmind album this year is out in the wild. You can buy it in all well-sorted online shops for music, for example GooglePlay (CLICK!) and iTunes(CLICK!). And if you are stingy and if you don't want me to get rich, you can also stream it on all well known streaming platforms, such as Spotify (CLICK!). So finally, after all the other backlog has shrunken a bit, I'll be able to work at another alionsonny album. So, friends of the weird kind of Reggae, be ready. By the way: did you know, that the alionmind records portfolio now has 14 album releases? Yepp, time for a 15th. :D

AlionLive is alive with a new video!
As I already mentioned, I wanted to get out another one, because it is about time. But I am glad to announce also here, that after over a year of silence, the 'Spring in Madeira' series has finally a new part. It was uploaded about 3 weeks ago, so I suppose, some people will already be grudgy again, because they think I broke my promise of continuing AlionLive again. Folks: Making videos is NOT my main job. If I would get paid properly for it, my output would be larger. But currently, making music is quite more rewarding. Once I get more subscribers and a significant increase of views, I could put more focus on AlionLive. Ok, but here's the new video. It is the next to the last real part of 'Spring in Madeira'and we go hiking again. The sountrack is completely from the 2009 alionsonny album 'Reggae?'. You like the music? You can get the album on GooglePlay, iTunes and everywhere else. Streaming is also possible on Spotify. And here's the video:

What's next?
Well you know already, and EXACTLY in that order:
1. Finishing the website(s)
2. Finishing the 2014 Madeira video series
3. Starting to work at the new alionsonny album 'Phoenix'
4. Starting to work at the 'Bike ride to the North Sea' video series
So, let's work!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

alionmind News April 2017 - alionmind is conquering the world with music!

Strong statement, right? Hello first, and I apologize for the long time of silence. As you might have noticed, 2015 to 2017 was not a great time for the house of alionmind. Well, since everything is largely getting back to normal, I would like to at least post the monthly alionmind news in time. But since there is still a lot to be done on the way to "normality", I can not guarantee anything. Long preface. what's new?

Sales are going up steeply 
First of all, I would like to proudly announce, that the products from the house of alionmind now sell in 51 countries around the globe. A few days ago, I got the final sales statement for February 2017 from my distributor and it's the most revenue-generating month since alionmind records exists. I bet, that now you are interested in a few details. No, I'm not going to mention any amount of money. This is business secrecy ... for reasons. But I can tell you where the most was sold / streamed. Let's start with the number of sales in the various countries:

United States 17,6%
Japan 8,8%
France, Germany 7,4% (each)
Mexico 6,7%
Brazil, United Kingdom 4,6% (each)
Argentina 3,9%
Chile 3,2%
Hungary 2,4%
Canada, Philippines 2,1% (each)
Spain, Sweden 1,8% (each)
Finland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Russia 1,4% (each)
Austria, Australia, Belgium, Slovakia, Turkey 1,0% (each)
Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, South Africa, Switzerland 0,7% (each)

The remaining 5.9% (rounding errors reserved) are distributed between Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Greece, Guatemala, Iceland, India, Latvia, New Zealand, Panama, Poland, Singapore, Ukraine and Uruguay. I think I must probably start promoting more in these countries ;). But you see: Almost the whole world now listens to alionmind music.

How about the distribution of sales across the 3 music projects? Here we go:

alionsonny 18,3%
Cimelium 15.0%
Willma Poppen 66.7%

 As you can see, Willma Poppen has left the previous bestseller Cimelium far behind. I am astonished about this. I had not expected the success of the latest Willma Poppen album. What makes me particularly astonished is that a large part of the sales of Willma Poppen (about 70%) are achieved by a single title on the album "Willma im Wunderland". It is the title "RaumZeit", which many people around the planet seem to like.

Two new albums released since the last post 
 Since the last post on this blog was created in September 2015, two released albums were not mentioned here. Which? As I already told above, the second album by Willma Poppen "Willma im Wunderland" is available and is currently by far the absolute bestseller in the alionmind portfolio. The album is, as always, available on all known sites for music sales, e.g. on iTunes (CLICK!) And GooglePlay (CLICK!). Streaming on Spotify (CLICK!) is of course also possible. If you prefer to buy your music somewhere else, just search for "Willma im Wunderland" at the service of your choice.

Also, since February 2017, the second album of Cimelium "Ad Hominem" is available. Attention: This is a pretty dark album, as the Cimelium fans, as far as I've noticed, like it. You also get this album on all music sites on the web, e.g. on iTunes (CLICK!) and GooglePlay (CLICK!). Also the Spotify (CLICK!) link is not missing here.

Cimelium's album "Madeira" 
Yes, what about that one? I had to stop working on this album at the end of 2015, because of many unpleasant events, shortly before completion and I started working again at it in March. However, both my quality requirements and my way of working have now drastically changed, so I can not just complete the whole thing quickly. Nevertheless, I am confident that the release is only a matter of days. However, as I will mention in the next sections, I have also to bring a few other things back to life. So it can also be a metter of weeks. Let's see...

Yes, the AlionLive channel is, as my other video channels, now abandoned for over a year. This is to change very soon. Then you finally get the last episode of "AlionLive - Spring in Madeira". After that, I have a nice long series about a bike trip to the North Sea for you, a series about a trip to Madeira in 2015 and also a small series on a trip to Cyprus, from which I returned yesterday. There is much to catch up.

Yes, the websites of alionmind records and the 3 music projects are still offline. I have a lot of somewhat time-intensive stuff on my to-do list before I can relaunch those websites.

So, this was a very nice block text. This was absolutely necessary after such a long time of silence. As mentioned above, I will do my best to provide you monthly with the latest news from now on. On Facebook, you could get the latest news all the time. But there are still many, who do not like Facebook and Co. And these folks should also be provided with the latest events around alionmind. For this time, I say goodbye until next time.