Sunday, July 28, 2013

Loads of work going on at the project websites!

Since the summer heat turns each task which involves heavy computing into a hazard for the studio hardware, the decision has been made to do some long due work at the project homepages. There has been some troubles with a little security leak in the homebrewn alionmind content management system. For that reason, the alionmind records homepage has been currently taken offline completely. But with the new shiny version of the content management system, a new security paradigm is ready, which allows me to get all homepages up and running in quite a short time.

And so it allready happened, that the homepages of the 3 main projects are available again in better shape than ever. And not just that: All homepages are now also available in German language. I know about some people who will be really happy about that. Look for yourself:

alionsonny's Homepage
Cimelium's Homepage
Willma Poppen's Homepage

If you did not allready recognize it: You can switch languages from the top menu. Just look at the right and you will see a flag and the name of the language you can change to. Just click there -> voila: Different language! ;)

So that was a bunch of work. What's next? As I said, the alionmind records homepage is currently offline. This is not just because of the security leak, but also, because the page will get a completely new layout. Because of the fact, that this page will be not just a bit different from the project pages, I will have to do some real coding work to get it up and running again. But I think, the alionmind nucleus will be online during this week.

By the way... we have no alionmind blog in German language -> on the to-do list ;)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

alionmind News July 14. 2013

A lot of thing have happened at the alionmind labs since the last update on this Blog. And not one month has passed since then. I t is so much that has happened, that I will waste no further time and get right to the facts.

For Willma Poppen's upcomming Album "Willma im Wunderland", 2 new songs have been carefully crafted. One could be a perfect sequel for the previous tracks of the "Spacejourney" series by the alionsonny project. The track maybe a bit unusual for the Willma Poppen project, but stuff happens ;) Here is "RaumReise":
The other new song is quite complicated to describe and has it's own story, which you best read at the official Willma Poppen Blog. And here is "Karussell":
Excellent news also for the fans of elaborated reggae-ish and ska-ish sound madness by the good old alionsonny project. Also 2 new songs have been crafted during the past month. You folks wait for the new album for so long now, that the decision has been finally made, that the new alionsonny album has absolute priority. And as a start in that progress, the 2 new typical alionsonny productions were  created. Both tracks have a slight and heavily mangled Ska influence. The first one, "Flight of the Butterfly" is a rather lightweight happy bouncing thing. Listen for yourself:
The second track sounds not just a bit more "serious" and heavier in my opinion. It reminds a lot of songs like "Revolution Now" from 2007. Here is "The Storm":
So we are just 3 more tracks away from the new alionsonny album!

And of cause also the audiovisual side of alionmind has been served. There is also 2 new AlionLive videos available for you to watch. One is part 2 of the "Biketrip from Hamburg to Mölln and Ratzeburg" series:

and the other one is the long awaited continuation of the "AlionLive - Return 2 Madeira" series. Want to go on a mountain hike along a Levada with alionsonny? Here you go:

And that's it for our first monthly blog news issue. Yes, me and my friends will do our best to give you a shout here at the Blog at least once a month.

Keep rockin'