Sunday, September 1, 2013

alionmind news - September 1. 2013

Yes, a month has passed allready again since the last alionmind news. Because of the summer activities, no new music has been released. Nope, not a single song by any project. But no fear: I worked at a lot of great song concepts for all projects. So, now that the end of summer is near, it is more than just likely, that a lot of new song releases will take place soon.
And I have not been idle on the video production works also: A total of 3 (!!!) new AlionLive videos have been published since the last alionmind news: 1 for the "Return 2 Madeira" series and 2 for the "Bikeride Hamburg-Mölln-Ratzeburg" series. Here they are:

...and as if this wasn't enough... I added another big project to my stack: I did a bike ride (as announced on Facebook,Twitter etc.) to the Lüneburger Heide and brought back about 3 hours of usable video material. So, here we go: A new AlionLive video series. The first editing pass of the first part of the series is allready done, so it will be only a matter of short time, until we start.
As said: Summer is slowly fading away in Germany and so the time of sitting at home and working at new stuff is here again, instead of the summers outdoor activities and other "distraction". So what's next?
  1. we have a minimum of 5 parts for "AlionLive - Return 2 Madeira" still to do and I would love it to get the series done before a year has passed since I went to Madeira in 2012.
  2. there is still 1 or maybe 2 parts left of the "Bikeride Hamburg-Mölln-Ratzeburg" series.
  3. a number of songs for ALL projects are in "allmost finnished" state.
For the album releases:
  1. The new alionsonny album finally has a title and cover art is allmost done (see below). Still, there are 3 tracks to finnished.
  2. For the Willma Poppen Album "Willma im Wunderland" aswell as for the Cimelium album "Madeira" about half of the songs have been finnished. For both projects some tracks are in allmost finnished state. I am not completely sure that both albums ill be still released in 2013, but will do my best.
  3. The "youngest" album project "Ad Hominem" by Cimelium will take some additional time until it's release date. Roughly 3 of 13 tracks are finnished and because of the albums concept, this is not a quickly produced album. I am thinking positive if I say, that I assume the release date to be around summer 2014.
Ok, and that's it from the alionmind headquarters  this time!
Album coverart concept for the album "Continuity" by the alionsonny project. Release date: Fall/Winter 2013