Wednesday, February 19, 2014

alionmind News February 19. 2014

Blender 3D particle animation from an AlionLive intro.
On the very day a month ago, you got the last alionmind news. This time again I have rather little new to report, and that bit mainly has to do with the alionsonny project. But one of the news is really big news, and you guessed probably already know what it is. The fans of the projects "Willma Poppen" and "Cimelium" will again be disappointed, but they will get something new as the very next task. I promise!

"Continuity" is out now!
Yes, it's done. The album is currently only available on Routenote, but will soon also be available on all major music sites and streaming portals. And now before I write everything again, I rather refer to the detailed post on the alionsonny blog. There everything is explained in detail (CLICK!). is up to date again
What? You didn't notice that the homepage of the alionsonny project was not updated for quite a time? Great... or not, because that means that you probably didn't visit the site for quite a long time ;). More details about this can be read also on alionsonny blog (CLICK!).

AlionLive is now a separate project
Some alionsonny fans, who are in no way interested in my videos, have complained regularly that the messages about new videos etc. were over-present on the alionsonny blog. Others were less interested in the music (*gulp*), but only in the videos. Therefore, there is now also a separate AlionLive blog and a Facebook fan page that you can "LIKE" if you want to. I am very happy about each and every "LIKE" this page gets. The separation of the AlionLive project not only enhances the little alionmind "internet empire", but also opens up some new, and  for the fans very useful, possibilities. On these I am currently working. I only mention here the downloadable hiking routes and waypoints in KML format. This collection will be constantly growing. In addition, there will soon be a database of all music played in the videos. So who wants to find out in which videos at which time a particular song of an alionmind music projects is played can do this soon in a very convenient way. Useless? Well, that may be your opinion ;) .

So, that's it again. Yes, very little news, but I can promise with some certainty that there will be very extensive news in about a month. Here at the alionmind labs incredibly much is happening currently .