Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A new start: Here is the new alionmind records!

Well, let's bury that idea of just another Weblabel amongst all the others. Let's bury the idea of getting lazy pot smoking bedroom musicians to get their lazy asses up to get something done. This has never and will never work. As a matter of fact we also ran across some serious legal issues while thinking about doing such a venture like a full blown Weblabel, totally independent from the big music industry, with total strangers from all over the world. To keep a long story very short: alionmind records will stay what it ever was: The home label of me, alionsonny, on which I release all my works and works with other musicians but of which I own all publishing rights. And HELL, this is really enough for that label. As I allready have 3 completely independent and exciting musical projects running and not just a few on my agenda, me and some great friends are a music industry on our own. We don't need strangers. So here we go, on the path of victory, we will take the world of music over and change it. Everything stays as it never was!