Sunday, June 16, 2013

Here is alionmind records!

Many times I thought about just closing this blog as there are the several project blogs and I have enough to do, keeping them at least a bit up to date. But I know that some of the listeners of alionmind music would love to have a central blog for all projects. It is quite obvious: Not just a few listeners of one alionmind project listen to the music of the other projects too. At least they want to be informed why a certain project makes no progress, because delay in project x is caused by heavy work at project y usually ;).

So after discussing the topic "alionmind Blog" with the crew, we were all convinced, that this blog has definately it's purpose... even though it was not used according to thast in the past. Crew? Aren't you doing this all by yourself, Sonny? Aren't you a one man team anymore? Nope! There is great news: Even though I am still not able to employ anybody, by now I have some "employees", or better call them volunteers. The team is by now 5 persons strong, including me. If you are a friend on Facebook, you may have seen 2 of my partners there. With the exception of Kate Kuhn, they prefer to stay anonymous. 3 of the team members live in Hamburg, the other 2 abroad. Those kind folks help me to keep the promo running and to keep everything organized. No, we are not big yet, but we are prepared for everything that may be ahead.

So this blog will in the future be the nucleus of all announcements by alionmind records and also AlionLive. The alionsonny blog will from now on solely function as the project blog for the alionsonny project and AlionLive. So, the only RSS stream you need to get all the latest news about alionsonny, Cimelium, Willma Poppen, AlionLive and all the other stuff, is the one on this blog.

There will be a German version of this blog also once we see, that it has enough readers ;)

 There is some new music been just released by Willma Poppen

and also by Cimelium