Sunday, November 9, 2014

alionmind news November 9th, 2014

After I already "skipped" the October news, I want at least let you know, why there's no or just little news. First: No, I didn't give up on creating music. And also the "AlionLive - Frühling auf Madeira" video series will be continued. I just have an ongoing motivation problem. You know: To work several hours on something and then see, that is enjoyed just by a handful of people does not create great motivation to carry on.

Anyways: Today I will finally continue with the video tutorial series on audio visualization in Blender. There's a special reason for this: Yesterday I visited my little Youtube tutorial channel for the first time since, I think, 1 month. I had almost given up on this, because after uploading the 2 first videos, I got so little views on them, that I thought, it is not really worth all the work and nobody was really interested in that stuff. When I visited the channel yesterday, I got to know that meanwhile over 100 people have watched the 2 videos, I got some "likes" and one nice person even wrote a comment, that he liked my style of doing tutorials. While drinking 2 bottles of good wine I did the math, took a look at the statistics and... found out that this tiny little Youtube channel, with just 2 videos on it (which are blocked in Germany) and 11 subscribers, is the most successful of all my projects. Yeah, if you do the math, this channel is performing even better than AlionLive with it's 80 videos, 64 subscribers and over 20.000 views. It is BY FAR performing better than the alionmind records music video channel... not to talk about the gaming channel. As a plus, this channel exists just for a bit more than 3 months and has been unmaintained since at least one month. If I leave the AlionLive channel (exists since more than 3 years) unmaintained for 1 month, the view count drops to 3 views per day. Seems we spotted a pattern here ;)

And also, with a bit of math, it turns out, that if I would put the same amount of work into new tutorials as I put into creating music, this Youtube tutorial channel would generate even more cash than I get from sales and streams of my music on iTunes, Amazon etc. BOTTOM LINE: Creating music is unprofitable! Period! At least if you are not one of those "magic beings" you can hear on the radio who generate money out of thin air aka popular music ;). As I said, this doesn't mean that I stop creating music. Impossible! But it shifts the priorities not just a bit. I could ignore what I just found out and just carry on, scattering my time equally between all the projects... with foreseaable results. Of cause i do the things I do mainly, because I like to do them and not just for the money. But I can't afford the luxury of 100% doing this, or I would risk being homeless etc.

So I will create more tutorials, because there seems to be a real demand for this, contrary to my music and other "products". Sounds harsh? You bet it does! So, there's no new music now for almost 2 months. The last AlionLive video has been uploaded more than 1 month ago and it's the same with the alionmind music video channel. What has this guy done since then? Not much. I tried a lot of new things, which will probably one day will inflate my portfolio of skills even a bit more ;) The only visible results are a few gaming videos, I will embed below. So, if you like to watch some twisted gaming action, this is most probably something for you.

Yeah, sorry for the lack of "look at all the stuff I finished". I also wish I had such a big list as "back in the days". But i am sure things will get back to normal soon. Stay tuned! And here's the gaming videos. Enjoy!