Thursday, May 8, 2014

alionmind News 08.05.2014

As announced in the last alionmind news, this time there is not much new to report, but a surprise. Well, a few are likely to know already about it. But there are still many who are not friends on Facebook with me, nor read the blogs of the individual projects, nor have subscribed to the Facebook pages of the projects. For those folks it will be a surprise.

No Music
Yes, you read correctly: These are the first alionmind news in which I have to tell you that none of the music projects has been blessed with new sound material. Why is that? Read on ;). However, new songs are in the works for all three projects, so soon you will be able to listen to something new.

AlionLive - Return 2 Madeira is finally finished!
You know that already? That's great! But for those who do not already know, I mention it here again. After almost 1 1/2 years it was indeed about time, especially because of the next news. As always, there 's more to read about the last part and end of the series on the official AlionLive blog.

AlionLive - Frühling auf Madeira
Yes, you read correctly: Soon a new AlionLive video series about Madeira will start, as Malina and I once again visited my beloved island, and this time in full bloom. A detailed description, including a preview of what awaits you and some photos, can be found on AlionLive blog!

Finally, I want to let you know that I started to work on the video series about the bike ride to the Lueneburg Heath in 2013 again. I had to pause this work in fall 2013, because it was important to me to finish "AlionLive Return 2 Madeira" prior to the recent trip. So, that's it for this time. And now it should be also clear why there is so little news this time. Next month I have much more for you for sure!

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