Wednesday, October 16, 2013

alionmind promotion - Get your music promoted FOR FREE!

As a result of some recent developments, me and some friends decided to lift our commitment to independent art to a new level. Here is alionmind promotion! What we want to do is, promote independent artists who create unique musical works and raise some awareness for the fact, that there is far more and often far better music out there than the music industry products. Let's face it: It is hard to get anywhere as an independent artist. The music industry invests loads of money into pushing their artists. You do not stand a chance against that. I often compare it with a busker playing guitar in the streets and suddenly somebody shows up with a full PA. You will not hear much of the busker anymore. So, from my point of view, we independent artists need to work together instead of the usual jealousy, I recognize quite often.

alionmind promotion will be a step on that path. We will create and maintain the full set of social media gimmicks available today and thus create a platform to effectively promote independent and original art. I will personally do a Youtube show (details not elaborated yet) in which I promote a selection of independent music I like personally. My friends and me will start this small and slowly expand as needed. Right after I am finished writing this, I will contact some fellow artists and ask them to submit tracks to be featured. If YOU are an independent artist and want some free extra promotion, just write a mail to with a link to your Soundcloud profile. To make things easy for the start, we currently only accept submissions by artists with a Soundcloud profile.

I personally want to keep this service as open as possible, but as everywhere, there have to be some rules. And they are as follows:
  • Songs to be promoted have to be free of any content you do not own / created yourself.
  • Cover versions are currently not accepted.
  • When submitting a track for promotion, please include information about if you are a member of any rights collecting society. Also please say if you allow the use of your track in Youtube videos. We have big plans on getting your music featured by as many Youtubers as possible. There are always people out there, looking for original music for their videos.
  • Tracks by members of rights collecting societies will not be featured on Youtube for well known reasons ;)
  • The final decision about if and how a particular track gets promoted is ours and we do not discuss that matter ;) ...just in case...
This list will most probably grow a bit with the time as we make our experience ;). If there is any question left, please don't hesitate to ask. Just write a mail to and I will do my best to help. 

And now send us your music!

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